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Site Update in Progress 2015

Manga MondaySite undergoing transformation this year.

We are completely updating the site layout, lists, and adding new best anime recommendations. We've also reactivated our blog and posted our old anime, manga, and film reviews to it.

Make sure you look at our best anime list to find our picks for the best anime ever.

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Best Anime of 2014? And Winners are...

Manga MondayUpdat Dec 2014: check Cut our Best Anime of 2014 List for our picks for the best anime of 2014 from all genres.

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Best Anime of 2013?

Manga MondaySo 2013 was an pretty darn good year for anime. The number one anime pick that everyone raves about has been Attack of the Titan, which just frankly, blew the socks off of just about everyone who watched it. Was it absolutely the 'best'? Well that was debatable, but it was certainly one of the more enjoyable anime series to come out. The only problem being, we are probably going to have to wait a while for a second season to follow as the manga is not complete yet.

Uchouten Kazoku was another stand out anime series. It's not as exciting as Attack of the Titan, but for a slower-paced anime with a rather bizarre yet imaginative concept that builds up characters as the episodes go on, this is one to watch. Before you know it, you just can't stop watching.

Shinsekai Yori probably my third favorite anime of 2013 and the standout SF anime of the year. The series combines a perfect mix of action, innocence, adventure, and horror. It's a chillingly addictive series that grabs your heart.


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Manga MondayAs usual, we're back! Yes.

First of all, new reviews, all of them from our manga man Chad Clayton. He's got fresh takes on several DrMaster titles, like SNK vs. Capcom Chaos, Pretty Maniacs, Stellvia, and Iron Wok Jan, not to mention Viz's new release of vintage Mitsuru Adachi goodness in Short Program volume 2.

Also, while I haven't had the time to post news updates here, I've let some reviews sneak out over the past few weeks. Make sure you didn't miss our coverage of The Dreaming, Tori Koro, Tactics, King Kong, Hermes: Winds of Love, Sailor Moon Super S, Ichi the Killer episode 0, and Ghost Talker's Daydream.

That's not all I got for you today. This article is kind of an orphan at the moment, but it was too interesting to ignore. Click this link to read Darius Washington's ruminations on an old American saturday morning cartoon that, as it happens, was directed by one of anime's great directors. Go, Mighty Orbots!

A few final notes: Firstly, I'll soon be making an appearance on Anime World Order, the most excellent anime podcast hosted by Daryl Surat, Gerald Rathkolb, and Clarissa Graffeo. Regardless, you need to be listening to this podcast every week, gang. It's that good. Secondly, I'm making my return to the world of print soon; I'm doing short columns for URB Magazine and Sci-Fi Magazine starting with next month's issues. Look forward to it. Finally, we've got a TON of new content already in the hopper this week; tomorrow look for new DVD reviews from Jason, Dave, and myself, and later in the week we'll have one of Dave's fantastic columns, this time about long-defunct anime studio Knack.

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Some bad news
General NewsYeah, yeah, we're long overdue for an update as usual. I can't deliver that at the moment-- I'm actually at Arisia right this second, running Godannar in the anime theatre. The greater problem is, an industry stalwart has left us, and I just wanted to say a few words about him. Jeff Thompson died this weekend.

Jeff was one of the hundreds of fans-turned-professionals that led the popularization of anime in America. He started as a writer, publishing a few issues of the surprisingly slick Animenonymous fanzine, before spending a few years doing graphic design and other duties for Central Park Media. He eventually landed at the Right Stuf; after a few years supervising modest releases like Toward the Terra, Jeff got his chance to produce something excellent in The Irresponsible Captain Tylor. His success in handling the English adaptation of the series would lead to more adaptations, chief among them His and Her Circumstances. These two shows-- Tylor and Kare Kano-- still stand tall as some of the best English adaptations of anime ever produced. Jeff was passionate about his craft, and it showed in the quality of the many anime releases he stewarded.

I wasn't close friends with Jeff, but many of my own friends and associates were his friends; that's how I came to know him. The last time I really sat down and talked to him was shortly after TRSI had acquired His and Hers; that was years ago, in 2000. I would see him many times after that, but we'd always only exchange a few words, a wave, a handshake. After all, we traveled in the same circles, so we'd definitely sit down and talk again.

There is a cliche about celebrating life and holding all friends and acquaintances dear, and it's ringing awfully true for me now. Bye, Jeff. Rest in peace.

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Trapped in suburban hotel, send help
Comedy WednesdayTwo things:

1. Reviews, reviews, reviews. Evangelion Platinum, Arcade Gamer Fubuki, Peacemaker, Angel of Darkness Live Action, Doki Doki School Hours, Animal Treasure Island, Zeta Gundam, and The Professional: Golgo 13. Thrill to new reviews from Darius and Brian after quite some time! There's more reviews to come when I escape this damn hotel, too, not to mention columns from Dave and Darius.


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for the next five minutes, THIS IS MY BLOG
Manga MondayThe past few weeks have been a blur. I went to Dallas, on a flight booked at the VERY last second, to see my beloved soccer team proudly enter into a championship match... and lose. (I lost a $200 PDA in the bargain. Ouch!) I went to Gencon SoCal, which was an interesting experience-- gaming conventions, with their vast seas of picnic tables swarming with card and dice duelists, are not like anime cons. In the meantime, I've been working almost constantly, have undergone the usual weird trauma that happens when you switch computers and have to shuffle around contacts and goodies, and just found out I may be in Grand Cayman for much of December. Fingers crossed-- I'd like to go someplace warm in December.

But all's not lost. I did spend the weekend recuperating, and will-- with the amazing support of the site's writers-- populate this here website with many, many reviews and articles in the next few weeks. Yeah. I figure if I just keep telling myself that, it's bound to come true!

Anyway. Here for your enjoyment is my take on the wonderful Dramacon and the resurgent Jes's review of the man-tastic Antique Bakery. We'll have more tomorrow.

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Thank God it's Tuesd-Egg
Brand New TuesdayWe're back from the abyss again. Here, I take a rare stab at a live-action film with promising newcomer Discotek Media's Zero Woman: Red Handcuffs. Chad turns in a penetrating examination of the great Makoto Shinkai's recent film The Place Promised in our Early Days.

It's not Friday, but I promised another contest. This one is for a shiny new copy of DearS volume 1. (Hey, I said I'd give something away. I didn't say it'd be totally awesome.) It's the same drill as before-- I want YOU to identify this famous anime character by name and series. EDIT: We have a winner! Luis Chavez was the first to identify this pooch as Belle from the series Belle & Sebastian. (Saying the dog is Jolie from the series "Meiken Jolie" would've been good enough, too.) I'm liking this format. Thanks to the handful who entered.

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Thank god it's Thursd-egg
Throwback ThursdayNever a dull moment around here. Well, okay, there are LOTS of dull moments, but that's because... there's never a dull moment. For serious. First, let's take some time to live up to today's theme with an old, neglected article from Darius Washington (Remember him?) reporting on an academic lecture by a certain Ryusuke Takahashi, creator of legendary fare like Armored Trooper VOTOMS. Secondly, let's look at the last two weeks worth of Manga Mondays, playing catch-up with Chad's reviews of I Luv Halloween and IWGP.

The robot below is none other than Dai-Apollon! Responses were slow, but I ended up getting several over the past week. The winner is a certain Andrew Egerton-- congratulations! I'll have another DVD to give away tomorrow, in exchange for the first correct ID of another obscure character. Hint: it's an animal. Stay tuned!

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Thank god it's fried egg
Free Stuff FridayEh, what's a few weeks between friends? We're finally back (again!) with new reviews. Chad gives us his take on Kamichama Karin, which should've gone up Monday but I'm an ass, and not to be outdone, here are my thoughts on Blue Gender: The Warrior. Along with that loveliness, we're all caught up on our Improvised Comment Card Devices.

Of course, forum discussion is lively as ever; either the regulars are too distracted or too entrenched to notice the main site has been going through one of our traditional periods of neglect. You should join them. They need blood, and one jaded anime voice actor isn't enough to swell their ranks.

In other news, GenCon, eager to lure in anime fans along with their traditional audience of tabletop, desktop, and mutton-chop gamers, has recruited me to help with anime panel programming for their SoCal Convention in November. Needless to say, I'll be rolling out a new Dubs that Time Forgot program for my first appearance on the left coast since 2003, along with a panel about Anime Jump and several BRAND-NEW program items that I'll be test-driving at GenCon SoCal before rolling them out on my usual circuit next year. It promises to be fun stuff, so I hope some of you readers out in the Anaheim neighborhood can drop by.

Finally, since it is Free Stuff Friday and it's been a dog's age since I've given away, you know, free stuff, here's something: I have a copy of The Mars Daybreak volume 1 for the first person who can email me the answer to this question:

Who's this guy, here?

Chiefdork@animejump.com, guys. Lay it on me. First one to get it right wins. I'll update with the winner in the morning.

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I hate Mondays. And Tuesdays.
Brand New TuesdayDon't blame Chad that the manga review is late-- he got it in under the wire, I just decided that sleep was more fun than working yesterday evening. He also brings us his take on the tepid Melody of Oblivion.

As always, we'll have another incident of comment card-sponsored terrorism (and possibly another review) tomorrow.

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Resources/Links to Awesome Sites

Soundtrack SundayJust a shout out for a couple sites you will like if you have a hankering to find some good books. For horror book recommendtaions, check out this best horror books website. For mystery book recommendations, check out this best mystery books website. Both sites have awesomely detailed best lists.

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